Chapter Programs
Alpha Move-In

This program occurs during the weekend prior to the first day of school in the fall semester, and is designed to help incoming freshman get acquainted to the University of Texas at Austin. The majority of students we service are individuals who will be staying in Jester East and West dormitories. We assist students and their families with any moving or transporting of personal belongings from their cars to their rooms. We as a chapter try to make individuals comfortable with the transition from high school to college life by providing our services as a friendly face on campus they know they can trust. This helps parents with apprehension of letting their children go, and it allows us to get to know incoming students. We also provide refreshments for the families we assist and any other individuals who would like tasty treats.

Tribute to a Black Woman

This is one of our most cherished programs as it uplifts and empowers the Black woman in today’s society. The purpose of this program is to show our admiration to Black women on campus. We aim to educate our community on the value and beauty of Black women in the past, present, and future. This program in not just limited to women, men play a very integral part in uplifting our Black women. Past Tributes have included guest speakers that covered topics such as the "History of Black Women, Realization of Black Women, and Black Women’s Beauty". We honor the attendees with live entertainment, refreshments, and tokens of our appreciation.

Miss Black & Gold Scholarship Pageant

The Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant is an annual event hosted in the Fall semester. This event allows women of the University of Texas to showcase their talents and abilities to the entire community. Winners of our chapter’s pageant are eligible to move on to compete at the district, regional, and the prestigious national pageant. This pageant is unique because of the scale on which it is done and the caliber of its contestants. We also hold this pageant very dear to us because the winner exemplifies the principles of the fraternity. Each year we strive to compete with ourselves to make the pageant better than the previous year.

Non-Greek Stepshow

The Epsilon Iota Chapter holds the largest non Greek step show in Texas. As Alphas, we recognize the enjoyment that many Greeks get from their stepping experience and therefore strive to bring this opportunity to non Greeks. Groups are brought in from all over the state, including UT organizations and high school step teams. Contestants compete for prestigious bragging rights as well as a monetary prize. After the step show, EI hosts a party for the college students that is one of the biggest parties of the year.

Hope Week

This week-long program is designed to celebrate the differences of the University of Texas at Austin community through programming that promotes unity. We try to stimulate thought and awareness about the diversity of people, thoughts, and ideas of the students, faculty, and staff at the University. The weeks programs include:

Step for Hope:
We teach Greeks and non Greeks from all over campus and all different backgrounds a step show routine and then we perform in front of hundreds of people on the main mall at high noon.
Taste of Diversity:
This program is designed to let people experience the diversity of food from all over the globe. Past programs have included food from Mexico, India, Nigeria, Italy, Eritrea, America, China, and many other countries.
United Service Project:
As servants of all, we love to bring people together from all over campus and allow them to experience doing service with the men of E.I. thereby changing their outlook on life, service, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Lip Sync:
This program is one of the most fun programs to attend due to the fact that it involves students who lip sync with props, costumes, and presentations for a large cash prize. Lip Sync gets very interesting and the contestants go all out.
United Colors Jam:
This is a party that is co-sponsored with the Tejas Club and takes place at the Tejas House in UT’s West Campus. This party brings people from all walks of life together. Every year, we have one of the hottest DJs in the south mixing up all different genres of music.
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